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The Crazy Zipper community would not exist without the talent of its creators.


Behind each name lies a passion for sewing like yours and they have dedicated hours to create patterns for you to enjoy and personalise to suit you. 

Each pattern comes with detailed instructions and attractive images to inspire you.  

Your purchase of their patterns will help to support their talent and efforts.

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You know how to sew, you give tutorials, you are good at teaching. 

 Don’t hesitate to join our network of independent creators. 

 Together we will make your business grow and give you the visibility you deserve. 



Hi, I’m Andrea,


Despite having studied industrial engineering my work has nothing to do with that world, my passion for fashion began when I was a child and dreamed of being a designer. 


3 years ago, I finally decided to take some classes and I fell in love with pattern design and its infinite possibilities.


I put all my enthusiasm and care into my patterns and I hope that you enjoy making them as much as I do and turning them into outfits you will never get tired of.

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You and I have a passion in common and that is sewing! So, why not share my patterns with you? 


I gained a diploma as a stylist / dressmaker in 2013 in the women’s luxury sector and, following experience in the underwear and the leather sectors, I was keen to share my creations with you in PDF and guided tutorials so that you too can enjoy sewing at home.

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Self-taught in sewing and pattern design, the discovery of this world lead me to the fashion world, whose codes never really matched with mine. 


I created Basil (e), because I wanted to offer models for any season, far from the "fast fashion" collections which change every month, with aesthetic and practical details to be able to teach different sewing techniques (I caught the teaching virus whilst writing my thesis, in another life!).

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7888 - Chaa Prst.jpg


Hi, I’m Charlotte,


I have been passionate about sewing and all handcrafts since I was a child!  I began to sew because of my grandmother and it was she who helped me take the steps to convert it into my full time job.

Sewing never ceases to surprise me and it fills me every day.  I love converting my imagination into a real outfit! I am often very proud of it!

A designer at heart, I decided to put all my ideas on the table to offer you my collection of sewing patterns which I hope you will like as much as I do. 


Welcome to my world!

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«A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds» – Mark Twain.

This quote has been with me from the day I decided to make my first sewing kits.  From them on, I have never stopped having ideas from all over the place.


That’s me - creative and disorganised.


I am Anita Thadani, Creative Director of Diy with Manneken, a fashion designer, pattern maker, and content creator. Actually, I don’t know how to define myself professionally in just one word.  I am all of these things plus the things I haven’t even thought of yet. 


With my Indian origins, I was born in Valencia with a touch of Murcia and Catalan. I have a whole torrent of ideas and contrasts.  Mother of two crazy girls who, together with my other half, make me see life through rose tinted glasses.  My family is my base camp, my mix of contrasts, which has lead me to develop a minimalist and functional style both in life and work. 


DIY with Manneken, was born from my curiosity for fashion, design and pattern making. 

Welcome to  DIY with Manneken

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Mi nombre es Ekaterina (o simplemente Kate) y aquí puedes ver el resultado de mis 2 años de trabajo.

Solía ​​trabajar como gerente de recursos humanos, pero hace varios años comencé a coser y decidí comenzar mi propio proyecto de patrones de costura cuando cogí la baja por maternidad.

Mi objetivo es crear patrones que se puedan coser de forma rápida y sencilla.

¡Son modelos cómodos de llevar para que te veas guapa!

¡Sigue la actualidad de Kate en Instagram @kates.sewing.patterns

LCI - Cris GutierrezFernandez (1).png


Hi, I’m  Cris and I am the restless seamstress.


As well as being passionate about patterns and sewing, I have a degree in Applied Arts and Artistic Professions.  I have had training in pattern design and model making and I have been running sewing workshops for disabled people for almost 20 years.  


Maybe my restlessness for sewing began in my childhood, playing with pieces of material at the feet of my mother who was sitting at the sewing machine making clothes for my dolls.

I love designing clothes, imagining them and then making them into a reality.  I love drawing patterns and adapting them to all the sizes possible. 


I like clothes that are different and original and especially home made, because how you dress is a way of presenting yourself to the world and stating who you are, so your clothes should at least make you happy and make you feel great about yourself.

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Hi, I’m Cristina, a fashion designer. I worked for some years in different fashion companies until I decided to leave it all and go and live my dream life in the Caribbean, walking in flip flops.


It was during this time of living with only the basics that I realized the unnecessary space that fast fashion had taken up in our lives. 


My life in flip flops came to an end, however, I decided not to return to my old life, but to create Living in Flipflops. I needed to transmit this "savoir faire" that we have lost: Sewing.


The patterns of Living in Flipflops are designed with girls like you in mind, because I have also had your fears and restlessness: that fear of making a mistake, of not knowing where to begin or how to do something, of destroying that beautiful fabric…. I put all my effort and dedication into creating detailed explanations to the point where you feel we are sewing together and everything is about sewing and singing.  Shall we sew together? 

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Hello, I present you with sewing patterns for girls from 2 to 14 years. 

Models which are always in fashion, in real size with detailed step by step instructions


My patterns are created and designed in France in the Basque country. 


Happy sewing!


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Hi, my name is Marta and I am the creator of Making Patterns Fly. 


Has it ever happened that you have worn something you made and that you know looks fantastic on you and someone asks where you have bought it?  Your reply has been “I didn’t buy it, I made it myself”. Isn’t that a fantastic feeling? 


The whole process is unique, from choosing the pattern you are going to sew, already thinking about that fabric which matches it perfectly, to the time you spend sewing, engrossed in your thoughts, enjoying every stitch, thinking only about yourself, or about the person you are going to give it to or even not thinking about anything in particular. 


With your permission, I would love to share this moment with you with simple, elegant and very practical patterns and because my patterns are not simply clothes you are going to sew but also times you are going to enjoy. 

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Tommie-portrait-reducida - Sirena Patter


“More than 30 years ago I fell in love with sewing.  What most inspired me was the magic of transforming a piece of fabric into “art you can wear”.  I started drawing and sewing with commercial patterns when I was just 8 years old.  I went to sleep reading the pattern instructions over and over, fascinated by the illustrations and the whole process of cutting out the pieces of the pattern, putting them on the fabric and finally converting this “puzzle” into clothes I could use.  This and many more experiences in the fashion world have inspired me to create Sirena Patterns”

Tommie Hernandez


Tommie is a famous swimwear designer and studied fashion design in Manhattan, selling her swimwear collections to the most prestigious hotels in Puerto Rica.  She has presented her collections in the fashion weeks of the U.S and the Caribbean. She has won many prizes and has dressed television celebrities.  She also finds time to be a professor of design in the Art School in Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico and online.

Connect with Tommie on Instagram or Facebook @ sirenapatterns or on his website:



Hi I’m Amaia and the creator of sewing patterns for women and girls.


I adore clothes made by hand.  Seeing something created by my own hands, beginning from scratch and finishing with something you can wear is the greatest reward.


I have lived in various countries and I give sewing classes in workshops to fans and lovers of this world. . 


I hope you like my creations and I would love to see them.

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Damn Good Caramel is a brand of sewing patterns inspired by creation and technique.


 It has grown from a self taught person dedicated to handcrafts and know-how; Julie Kansara.


Through many experiences and throughout the years, Julie has created some carefully drawn patterns and instruction guides accessible to everyone, so that you can develop your own creativity in the art of sewing.

Follow Julie's news on her website or instagram: @damngoodcaramel

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Hi 😊 my name is Elodie and I am the creator of the brand ELM Patterns “Elle aime les patrons” (she loves patterns).


Women’s patters, a line of simple, pure styles which are comfortable above all else. 


These are clothes you will enjoy wearing and will take them out of your wardrobe every day without doubt. 

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Etoffe Malicieuse offers you patterns  for underwear and swimwear and also has an off the peg line.


Instructions are detailed to allow beginners to sew underwear easily. 


​Be wicked: dare to sew your own underwear!

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Photo profil Cécile .JPG


Draw, make patterns, sew… See your ideas take on life before your very eyes … A passion my mum passed on to me and which I learnt by pure coincidence during a workshop in París given by a profesor of Esmod, ex designer for Chloé and Paul & Joe…


Who would have thought that one day I would begin this crazy adventure.  But the day arrived when I wanted to transmit and give!  And finally the courage to launch my business!


I hope you enjoy sewing my patterns as much as I enjoy designing them.

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Def_Logo-aileon_redes-sociales - Noelia


Hello, I’m Noelia, 


I have been passionate about sewing and handcrafts for as long as I can remember.


I was passionate about fashion from adolescence and I drew for my mother the clothes that I wanted and she would sew them for me.


​After studying for a degree which has nothing to do with this and after two passionate jobs, a work disaster reminded me of how happy I was creating my own clothes, so I decided to turn my world upside down and train as a pattern maker and sewing teacher. 


In this way I created Ailon Laboratorio Textil where, amongst other things you will find my patterns, created so that you can enjoy sewing your own clothes and feeling as happy as I do when I am creating them.


Welcome to my world!

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Logo Cose canal - cose.jpg


Hello, we are Clau and Flor, two friends with degrees in fashion design, style and pattern making and creators of the YouTube channel “Cose Canal”, where you will find tutorials about sewing, hints, patterns, recycling ideas and everything to do with the world of sewing. 


We have been together for two years, sharing our knowledge and using tools to help your creativity to flow.


We invite you to try our patterns and to enjoy the sensation of creating something from scratch into an item of clothing made to measure for you. 

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Creator of underwear patterns, Guillemette has always been passionate about underwear.


She learned to sew in her birth city of Rouen and later specialized in underwear in Paris in various underwear fashion houses.


Today she presents you her own models so that each of you can make the underwear that suits you best.  

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Imágenes dentro Newsletter.jpg


Hi, I’m Lara!


I fell into the world of pattern design without even realizing it.


I specialised in industrial pattern making for women in the LCI University of Barcelona. I have dedicated my time to making patterns for other brands for the last year and the time has come to make them under my own name.


I hope you enjoy sewing your pattern as much as I do.  I have designed it with care and love. 

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I came from the world of image and sound and made my first steps in the world of sewing when my daughter was born, for whom I loved making pretty clothes.


 My passion for the textile creation “home made” and the beautiful fabrics was astonishing: motivated by the DIY trend in the blog world, I began to sew intensively every day, enjoying it more and more. 


Then I began to draw my own models and trained in the production of models as a freelance.


Today I design and offer sewing patterns for children and women, developed with care and passion, to create lasting and original designs for all seasons with quality finishings.

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kate - Léa Cadman.jpg


Les patrons de Kate were born from something I noticed in my haberdashery shop: a lot of women wanted to make simple but pretty bags which were useful and easy to make.  


The Rosaria handbag and bum bag are amongst those indefatigable bags which resist the passage of time without creasing.  They will be with you for a long time.


In Crazy Zipper you will find our best sellers which have been tried and approved!

Follow Les Patrons de Kate on Instagram @mercerie_aufildutemps or Facebook @ Aufildutemps48

P1090083 - Petits D'om.JPG


My name is  Domitille and I am the creator of the Petits D’om. brand.  I learned to sew with my mother when I was about 10-12 years old.


In 2010, I began a blog to share my patterns with the community and my enthusiasm for creating my own models appeared very quickly.  I began sewing patterns of soft toys which you can find in my book “Peluches et doudous à coudre” published in 2014, after which I have spent my time creating patterns for children’s clothes (my first was launched in 2017).


I would love sewing to be within everyone’s reach, offering timeless models in a relaxed design and especially easy to sew with detailed explanations and specific technical information. 

Follow Domitille's news on her website , on Instagram @petitsdom or Facebook @PetitsDom

Abelis - Ichi Chan.png


You make your own clothes.  Adapt them, create them and enjoy them. 


Welcome, I am Isabel, designer and creator of Abelis Sewing Patterns.

When I was young, my mother always dressed me and my twin sister in the same clothes.  Sometimes in different colours.  When I grew up, I began dressing differently from my sister.  I changed my hair, my clothes and everything I wore.


I managed to create a personality for my image and to reflect how I was through my clothes, but it still wasn’t enough.  When I was a teenager, my body began to change.  This helped me to draw and design my own clothes.


I began to sew clothes for me.  Everything fitted perfectly.  I was happy.  Finally I was me.  I studied fashion design and image assessment.  I wanted to help other women like me, who had had the same happen to them or were going through it now, or who simply love clothes.

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