Pillow Fight


A comprehensive online course on how to sew 4 different models of swimwear



Montse, @montse_craft

I bought the pattern of the april blouse as it had several sewing options.
It was very easy to sew the pattern.
I had some doubts about the sizes, and when I consulted them, they solved it instantly and very kindly.
I have sew 3 version of the April blouse and I love all of them.  
Recommended at 100x100.
I will certainly buy another pattern in the future.


Aurora, @aury.handmade

Thank you very much for everything, buying with you is 100% sure. I sew two patterns: the Indie short-skirt and the Late Summer dungarees. They fit perfectly well and the sewing instruction guide is super easy to follow. I'm already thinking about my next pattern !! ❤️❤️


Inés, @dale_al_mambo

I love this platform. Easy to use, with a wide variety of patterns for all levels and at a good price.


The customer service is also very good. I had a problem with my personal information when I made the purchase. We got in touch very quickly and they solved it in a day. I highly recommend it !!

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